Inner Wisdom Healing System

No matter where you find yourself in life, there is a Big Love surrounding you. It is from a part of your that holds infinite creative potentials. Deep inside we all carry a longing to reunite with this part of us. In our current culture, rarely are we taught how to communicate with this part of us. As a result, our longing is suppressed, ignored or even distorted, eventually condensing into dis-ease in physical body or as emotional stress.

Inner Wisdom Healing System guides you on a journey towards wholeness by restoring your connection with this part you. There are four main modules: acupuncture/Chinese medicine, Feeling Work, I-Ching guided personalized ritual, and movement/sound therapy. [Read More]


I would like to meet you at a place where your receiving my treatment becomes my gift. Through every needle I place to connect with your qi, you help me to connect with a part of myself that I am getting to know. [Read More]

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A winner of the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards for Seattle Acupuncturist
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"In my experience, Spring is a true healer -exhibiting a skill at her craft that one would expect to find in a master who has practiced for decades. Personally, she has a warm sense of humor and inherent wisdom which surely contributes to the ability to heal."

"Spring is one of the most gifted healers I have ever met. She is a thoughtful guide into the inner workings of your mind, heart, spirit and body. You will feel transformed by her sessions!"

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Personal Journey

My personal journey has taken me from a research scientist to a Chinese medicine doctor, a Taoist practitioner to a dancer/singer/improvisational performer. In every domain I have traveled to, I have experienced deep divide that separates our heart from mind, our artistic sensibility from our discriminating intellect, our ancient past from our technological future.

Inner Wisdom Healing System is a gift out of the alchemical process that integrates all my experiences. It is my experimentation to bring healing and integrations along all these dimensions of our shared humanities.

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